Think More Like a Copywriter


It’s true. You don't have to be a copywriter to think like a copywriter.

You don't even have to work in advertising to think like a copywriter.

But you can train your mind to solve business problems creatively if you think more like a copywriter.

This often means making connections that aren't obvious to the casual eye.

Tom Actman and Phil Cook started their own design agency in 2009.

They called it Mat Dolphin.

And they started the agency with ZERO clients from previous agencies.

After a lot of hard work new projects and clients started to come in.

One day Tom and Phil came up with a little ritual.

Whenever Tom and Phil had to deal with a complex client request or business problem, they'd take a frisbee to the car park.

Then they'd play frisbee and only stop after figuring out a solution.

But there was one problem that kept haunting them: chasing clients to get them to pay invoices.

So Tom and Phil went back to the car park again for their frisbee ritual so they could come up with a way to solve this nightmare.

Then they have an "Aha moment".

What they needed was a mediator.

And that's why they hired Rita Harris.

Because Rita Harris was an accountant.

And she could talk money with clients.

And deal with all the non-fun parts of business so Tom and Phil could focus on the creative side of business.

For example, when Tom and Phil wanted a 50% payment upfront before starting a project, Rita

Harris was the person who persuaded clients.

When clients forgot to pay their invoices within 30 days, Rita was the person who "chased" them.

Rita was a real Pro.

Invoices started getting paid on time.

And in no time Rita solved all the agency's cash flow problems.

But the funny thing is, Rita Harris wasn't a real person.

In fact, she was a just dummy email account Tom and Phil used to do and tell clients things Tom and Phil couldn't.

Including chasing invoices.

The reason why Rita was so successful was because she wasn't a generic ‘‘ email account.

Rita had a real name.

Rita had a personality.

She was chatty with clients’ accountants.

And, occasionally, she even engaged in small talk.

This made her human.

And believable.

And that's why she was a success.

Tom and Phil aren't copywriters.

But thinking like a copywriter is sometimes the only competitive advantage a small business has.

This book won’t teach you how to write like a copywriter. What it will do, is push you to challenge conventions and think more like a copywriter. Because when you train your mind to think more like a copywriter, this radically changes how you think about marketing and business problems.

Your investment? Pay what you want (Minimum: $39, that’s less than the price of a very nice bottle of Scotch.).

But who the heck am I and...why learn from me?

I'm a copywriter turned indiepreneur. But I’m not your typical copywriter. I’m a trained marketer and have an MSc in International Marketing Management from University of Surrey.

I run a tiny copywriting agency called Teardwn. AND as an experienced copywriter, I help DTC and eCommerce brands inject a little more fuego and personality into their website copy.

I've written copy for brands like Pinch (before they were acquired by Chime), Littlefund (before they were acquired by UNest), Hashtag Monday Sunday or Wellgard.

I also have a 12+ year track record of building startups & brands. I founded That Special Record (RIP) and co-founded Foodzai (RIP) and Gruv Lisbon (RIP).

But I'm also a solo entrepreneur bootstrapping my own products. You might remember me as the guy behind:

- Creative Samba - Snackable stories good enough to train your mind to think more like a copywriter. Even better for learning and connecting the unobvious dots between copywriting, marketing and psychology.

- Snackable Copy Tips - An online library of snackable copywriting tips. So you can learn how to write copy far more believable, more vivid, more persuasive than anything ChatGPT puts out.

- Copy Ipsum - A template that shows you how to write unignorable landing page copy. Perfect for micro startups & side projects.

- Oh, for business's sake...write like you talk! (The web copywriting crash course for bootstrapping business owners).

- Chill Music Club - The chillest place on the interwebs to discover new music (without algorithms).

- Dream Football Jobs - Find dream football jobs you never knew you wanted or existed.

- The hashtag #ihaveathingforvinyl on Instagram.

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Think More Like a Copywriter

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