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Oh, for business's sake...write like you talk! (The web copywriting crash course for bootstrapping business owners)

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Today, we live in a data obsessed world.

But one of the few things you can't optimize is copywriting.

Copywriting is the art of writing words that persuade people to buy things.

And online commerce runs on copywriting.

That's why I created "Oh, for business's sake...write like you talk!"

This is a 100-page web copywriting crash course for bootstrapping business owners.

Most web copywriting courses take weeks or months to complete. But "Oh, for business's sake...write like you talk!" isn't one of them. Because it's so easy-to-read that you can complete it in less than 4 hours.

So what's the best way to enjoy this crash course?

Take an afternoon off from work. Treat yourself to some alone time. Grab a nutty, earthy, bitter roast coffee. Buy some crispy ginger cookies. Then walk to a quiet park and sit under a tree. And you'll find yourself devouring "Oh, for business's sake...write like you talk!" in an afternoon.

"Oh, for business's sake...write like you talk!" comes with countless principles, formulas, rules and step-by-step advice for writing unignorable words. So you can build a remarkable online business. And attract 3X more dream clients & profits than a donut shop attracts cops.

You'll learn:

  • The really really important basics to write in plain english.
  • The importance of voice, tone and style.
  • How to write compelling benefits.
  • How to write magnetic headlines.
  • How to structure your web copy.
  • How to write unignorable calls to action.

I'll also give you copywriting exercises. So you can practice and learn how to:

  • Write with clarity and simplicity, like Pro copywriters do.
  • Write better copy, faster.

But to write good copy you have to learn how people make decisions. Because If you don't understand how the human brain works, you'll never understand the psychology behind why people buy stuff.

And if you don’t understand the psychology behind why people buy things, you’ll have a really hard time writing copy that grabs attention, changes minds and persuades people to click click click and buy buy buy.

That's why this crash course isn't just purely about copywriting. I'll also teach some of the most important biases in behavioral the Affect Heuristic, the Framing Effect & many more. 

Always backed by research. And with real-world examples.

I'll teach you how these cognitive biases affect your business. 

I'll explain how they influence people when they make buying decisions. 

And I'll also share actionable insights you can start applying them to your business immediately.

But who the heck am I and...why learn from me?

- I run my own company, a copywriting agency called Teardwn. So I understand your challenges (running and growing a business is hard!). And I know how to use copywriting as a business advantage to grow a business and outsmart the BIG GUYS.

- I've written copy for Pinch (before they were acquired by Chime), Littlefund, HolaBrief, Reddico, Eagle and a number of other bold and audacious startups, marketing agencies and small businesses from all over the World.

- I'm a trained marketer. And I have an MSc in International Marketing Management from University of Surrey.

- I'm not your typical copywriter. I've been hanging around the European startup scene for over 12years. I've co-founded 3 startups. And I'm also a solo entrepreneur bootstrapping my own products and side projects (You might remember me as the guy behind Snackable Copy Tips,  Creative Samba, Great Landing Page CopyCopy Ipsum or Chill Music Club. That's why I write copy and do things for myself that match what I say I'll do for my clients. So all the insights I'm sharing with you are based on skin in the game experience. And you can't beat this type of experience.

- This web copywriting crash course is based on thousands of hours studying ads from the best copywriters in the advertising industry. From Bill Bernbach, to David Abbott to John Caples to Tom McElligott. And also from my experience writing copy both in ad agency roles, as well as for startups I co-founded, and for Teardwn clients.

This web copywriting crash course is easy-to-read, relatable, and full of practical advice. 

You'll learn how to write conversational and unignorable copy for your website, 3x faster - even if writing isn't your thing. All you have to do now is click the "I want this" button.

Your investment? Pay what you want (Minimum: $29, that’s less than the price of a bottle of scotch).

Six reasons not to buy this web copywriting crash course:

1. You want to improve your copywriting skills but you're not willing to put in the work and do my writing exercises.

2. You believe people are rational creatures and make decisions based on logic.

3. You think there's no difference between content writing and copywriting.

4. You believe all you need is a fancy product name, a great product and an incredible list of features and "the product will sell itself".

5. You're just looking for a magic pill or quick formulas to write copy. 

6. You don't have the time to learn consumer psychology and copywriting fundamentals. OR you simply have ZERO interest in learning how to think like a copywriter (so you can write more persuasive copy for ads, emails, landing pages, pitch decks and sales funnels).

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100-page web copywriting crash course for bootstrapping business owners.

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Oh, for business's sake...write like you talk! (The web copywriting crash course for bootstrapping business owners)

7 ratings
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